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According to the patient's condition, it is possible to use an indirect heart massage. Drip administration of Novodrin is carried out, continuing on the way to the hospital. In the event of ventricular fibrillation, a 200-300 J discharge is used to defibrillate the heart. In a hospital, the patient is prescribed bed rest, monitoring of the activity of the heart using an ECG, drugs that improve the conductivity and activity of the myocardium. In case of ineffectiveness of drugs, electrical stimulation of the heart is performed. Providing emergency care for atrioventricular block, especially its complete form, can save someone's life.

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It is treated with thrombolytics (drugs that destroy blood clots (blood clots)), anticoagulants (drugs that prevent the formation of blood clots), beta-blockers (drugs that lower blood pressure); myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle, most often due to an infectious disease). It is treated with antibiotics (drugs that kill microorganisms). Reception of beta-agonists (drugs that improve the conduction of impulses and increase the strength of heart contractions).

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Cancellation of drugs that affect the decrease in the conduction of the impulse from the atrium to the ventricle: glycosides (drugs that increase strength, slow down (they become rare) heart contractions and slow down the conduction of the impulse through the heart); beta-blockers (drugs that block special nerve formations (receptors) that respond to adrenaline and norepinephrine - stress hormones); antiarrhythmic drugs (drugs that normalize the rhythm of heart contractions). Treatment of the underlying disease that caused atrioventricular blockade, for example: myocardial infarction (death of heart muscle cells due to insufficient blood supply).

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As a rule, after the treatment of the underlying disease, the conduction in the AV node is restored. However, the formed scar in the area of ​​the node can give a persistent conduction disturbance in this place, and then the effectiveness of terazosin therapy becomes doubtful.

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In addition, in tablets, it is possible to prescribe teopec, eufillin or corinfar (nifedipine, cordaflex).

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While the underlying cause of the blockage is being diagnosed and the first steps in treating the blockage are being taken, the patient is given drugs such as atropine, isadrine, glucagon, and prednisolone (subcutaneously, in tablets, or intravenously, depending on the drug).